We believe drone inspections are the future of visual inspection.

Droneworks 360 offer you insured drone services from pilots with CAA drone training certificates. We have permission to fly drones in almost any location, including congested areas and for night flights (in accordance with our CAA approved Operations Manual).

We provide drone services for a range of clients including home owners, surveyors, estate agents, property developers, hotel owners and marketing companies.

Our building and inspection services are a much safer and more affordable alternative to using some of the more standard methods.

Droneworks 360 Key Services

Depending on the project Droneworks 360 operators will hold a PDRA-01 certification or an A2 CofC Drone Operators certificate.

Insured – £1 m Public Liability (or more by arrangement)


Without the need for cherry pickers, scaffolding or using ropes or pulleys, aerial drone surveys provide a much safer method of surveying and an overall safer environment for workers.

Having to use a lot of equipment increases the chances of something going wrong, but as drone surveys use less equipment, this is much less of a concern.

There is no reason for anyone to leave the ground so the project is obviously much safer.


Drones have the ability to capture more detail and can perform several tasks at once. Inspections can be completed within hours, half a day or a full day.

If the matter is urgent, we use building inspection software and can provide all your images geo tagged onto a layered map of the building within hours.

You can also view the building through the live feed from the drones camera using our LCD display.


Due to the drones ability to fly, the drones reduce costs and equipment needs.

Without the need to erect scaffolding, use cherry pickers or ropes and pulleys – using a drone service can be far more cost effective.

The lower costs of drone inspections can result in more regular building inspections and allow you to easily identify potential as well as existing problems. Enabling you to fix them before they cause bigger more costly issues or even a shut down of a business or workplace.

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